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Privacy Policy:
We might, under certain circumstances, allow updates to your order to be made by another person who can verify information in the order. We will not sell this information to other parties unless you provide consent. If you do not agree with any part of this Privacy Policy, please do not sue our Web site.

Phone numbers of recipients and customers are used to help facilitate the orders and arrange for delivery.

Occasionally you may receive a reminder for an upcoming holiday or birthday. If you wish to be removed from our newsletters please go to newsletters and unsubscribe.
In the event that the recipient contacts us for the information of the sender, we will disclose the first and last name and the state of the sender only, without consent. Should they request for other details such as mailing address or contact information of the customer, we will gladly contact you first and seek approval to disclose the said information. We will give full disclosure of the customer's details if and only if contacted by law enforcement or if a subpoena has been issued.